日記 1976年8月19日

Diary: Aug. 19th '76 日記 1976年8月19日

NODA Tetsuya 野田 哲也

Photographs are commonly used in prints today. But when Noda first presented his prints employing photography in the late 1960s, they were a refreshing surprise, and had great impact upon the art scene. At the time, Warhol and other artists in the U. S. were creating works using portraits of celebrities. Noda, however, has used only photographs he took himself of familiar scenes from everyday life. Based on those photographs, he creates his works employing the silkscreen process and woodprint techniques. Although these works, each titled by the date, portray the everyday life of the artist and his family, the inspired composition and the addition of effects only possible in print elevate them from mere records of his personal life to pieces of art. In these works, scenes from the modest life of an individual has attained a universal significance, which strikes a nostalgic cord in the viewer. This series of works, because they have been produced continuously over years, are records of the times that convey the atmosphere of the particular year. We see the passage of time in a visible form in the changes that take place in the family portraits.rnrn
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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Diary: Aug. 19th '76
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NODA Tetsuya
Block prints
Material / Technique
Silkscreen, woodcut
Ed. a.p.(画面外右下)
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