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Terms of Use

All data of materials and artworks in the Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo): Integrated Database Search for Metropolitan Museums (hereinafter referred to as the database) may be used as open data unless otherwise stated. Please review the following terms when using the database.

1. Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are set according to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0) ( ). You may copy, modify, or otherwise use this material on the condition of inclusion of the following credit alongside a URL link to the relevant webpage.

Please indicate the source as follows:
Source: Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) (URL of the relevant page)

2. About included data

  • ・The data of materials and artworks contained in this database are limited to items in the collections of each facility that can be made public and available for viewing and search.
  • ・The images available in this database have been made public in accordance with rules on the use of artworks based on Article 47 of the Copyright Act. Data will be updated and added to the database when available. Contents are subject to change, transfer, or deletion without notice.

3. Use of images for academic and research purposes

With approval from the particular institution, images of collection materials and artworks can be borrowed free of charge for exhibitions or for academic, research, and educational purposes. Those who wish to apply for use should contact the relevant museum.

4. Use of images for commercial purposes

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture offers image licensing services for commercial use of images of artworks in the collections of museums managed and operated by the Foundation. If you wish to use images in this database for commercial purposes, please review the application procedures below and inquire to the relevant contact person.

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
How to apply for the image license program
DNP Art Communications Co., Ltd., Manager for Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Phone: 03-6735-6516

5. Recommended Environment

Please use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. The database may not function properly with older versions, so make sure your browser is up to date.
*We do not recommend using Internet Explorer to view this site, as the design may not be properly displayed.

6. Inquires

Please direct inquires to the Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) Desk at Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture.