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About Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo): Integrated Database Search for Metropolitan Museums About Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo): Integrated Database Search for Metropolitan Museums

Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) is a cross-searchable database of materials and artworks in the collections of six Tokyo metropolitan museums: Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum.


Photo:Edo-Tokyo Museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum
  • - The Edo-Tokyo Museum collection includes materials pertaining to the history and culture of Edo and Tokyo, spanning 400 years from the Edo Period until the present day.
  • - The museum’s materials range from ukiyo-e and other Japanese paintings to artifacts such as dyed textiles, lacquerware, and armor, and items related to daily life and folklore passed down by ordinary people.
  • - Items are displayed in the museum's 9,000 m2 permanent exhibition space, and in special and planned exhibitions.
  • - The public collection includes notable items and artworks by celebrated artists, such as “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo” by Hiroshige Utagawa, and “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji,” by Hokusai Katsushika, as well as objects that convey the lifestyles of samurai and merchants in the Edo Period and items from the early days of Japanese science and technology.
  • - Number of items in the collection: Approx. 350,000
Photo:Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
  • - As Japan's first comprehensive museum devoted to photography and film, the TOP collection includes a wide range of works and materials that promote understanding of photography and film culture, with a focus on original photographic prints.
  • - In addition to its focus on historically acclaimed works, the museum strives to discover artists and works that have received accolades in exhibitions and other venues, collecting contemporary works that suggest the future of photographic art.
  • - The collection also includes domestic and international photographic artworks that express and document Tokyo.
  • - Signature collection: the museum has designated certain prominent Japanese artists as priority collection targets, and has collected enough works to provide retrospective views of these artists’ entire creative careers (AKIYAMA Shotaro , ISHIMOTO Yasuhiro, UEDA Shoji, KAWADA Kikuji, KIMURA Ihee, etc.).
  • - Number of items in the collection: Approx. 37,000
Photo:The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
  • - The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo systematically researches, collects, preserves, and exhibits a wide range of contemporary art from Japan and abroad, with a focus on Japanese postwar art.
  • - In addition to systematically collecting postwar art from a historical perspective, the museum collects works by young artists that clearly show the current state of art.
  • - MOT Collection exhibitions are held in order to share the diverse appeal of contemporary art, each displaying 100-200 works chosen as part of a specific theme.
  • - Signature collection: Roy LICHTENSTEIN, Girl with Hair Ribbon / Anthony CARO, Tower of Discovery / MIYAJIMA Tatsuo, Keep Changing, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever, etc.
  • - Number of items in the collection: Approx. 5,700
Photo:Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
  • - The main building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum was built in 1933 as the former residence of Prince Asaka. Designed in the Art Deco style, it represents the best of French decorative arts, from the interior decoration to the furniture and furnishings. The Art Deco mansion has been designated as an Important Cultural Property.
  • - The museum collects and stores not only artworks and materials related to the Former Residence of Prince Asaka, but also paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts produced during the Art Deco period, which are displayed during the annual "Looking at Architecture" exhibition.
  • - The museum's website introduces the collection, including works and materials related to the Former Residence of Prince Asaka, through photographs and explanations.
  • - Signature collection: René Lalique; Vase, ORAN / Henri Rapin, Sèvres (kiln); Covered vase, form Rapin 21, etc.
  • - Number of items in the collection: 189
Photo:okyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
  • - Opened in 1926 as the Tokyo Prefectural Art Museum, the first public art museum in Japan. The collection was transferred to the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo when it opened, with part of the collection re-transferred when the museum was renovated in 2012.
  • - Currently, the collection consists of 12 sculptures, which are permanently displayed at the Museum, and 36 calligraphic works.
  • - The museum’s Collection & Archives Search provides access to artworks in the collection as well as documents from since the museum’s founding.
  • - Signature collection: INOUE Bukichi, my sky hole 85-2: light and shadow, 1985 / AOYAMA San'u, Busy with Coaches and Horses, etc.
  • - Number of items in the collection: 48
Photo:Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum
  • - An open-air museum that relocates, restores, preserves, and exhibits historical buildings of high cultural value that cannot be preserved on site.
  • - 30 distinctive buildings built in Edo and Tokyo between the early Edo Period to the postwar era have been relocated and restored, and contain exhibits of everyday objects and folk artifacts.
  • - The museum’s website introduces the restored buildings with a map and 360-degree panoramic view of the grounds.
  • - Signature collection: Public bathhouse “Kodakara-yu” (1929), House of Georg de Lalande (1910), House of Kunio Mayekawa (1942), etc.
  • - Number of items in the collection: 30

- The number of items in the collection is the end of March 2023.

Database features

Around 400,000 database items available on demand

Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) enables search of some 400,000 items and artworks. Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) aims to make Tokyo's cultural resources easily accessible to everyone, and to promote the understanding and use of these resources by younger generations.

Wide selection of data encompasses fields from the history of Edo-Tokyo to the frontiers of art

Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) is characterized by the breadth of its database, ranging from folk materials that reflect the lifestyles of people in Edo-Tokyo to cutting-edge artworks. Tapping into Tokyo’s network of multiple cultural facilities unlocks a vast collection of materials that can be used to trace the history and cultural evolution of Edo-Tokyo.

Expanding searchable items and making available digital content

Tokyo Museum Collection(ToMuCo) is run as part of the Tokyo Smart Culture Project, which aims to digitize, record, and preserve cultural resources such as the collections, exhibitions and performances held at metropolitan cultural facilities, and to offer a variety of ways to experience this content. The listed materials and artwork information will be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis, and the project will strive to provide digital content that makes full use of the latest technology.