(Portrait of IWATA Oribe) (岩田織部像)

HORI Yohee 堀 与兵衛

We can compare before and after to see how tinting a photograph, a post-shoot process, changes it. At first glance, it seems that these photographs differ only in whether color has been added to them. On closer inspection, we note, for instance, how the relationship between the subject and the folding screen changes and that the pupils have not been retouched in the colored photo. Those differences lead to the conclusion that these prints were created from different negatives made at almost the same time.
Collection of
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
(Portrait of IWATA Oribe)
Original title
Artist Name
HORI Yohee
Material / Technique
Albumen paper
Accession number
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum “Search the Collection”

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