Horse and Man 馬と人間

MUYBRIDGE, Eadweard マイブリッジ, エドワード

MUYBRIDGE’s series of stop-motion photographs were experiments that revealed that paintings of galloping horses with all four feet outstretched and off the ground were illusions. When horses are galloping, the legs off the ground were always bent. To take these photographs, he set up twenty-four cameras, with each shutter triggered by a thread connected to it, so that the photographs were taken in sequence as the horse passed in front of the cameras. He also used the same technique to photograph humans and other animals. MUYBRIDGEM not only analyzed motion. He also invented the basic structure of a series of images by which moving pictures are shot. He later pursued his studies of human and animal motion as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.
Collection of
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
Series title
The Attitudes of Animals in Motion
Horse and Man
Original title
Horse and Man
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Material / Technique
Albumen paper
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