1934 Ford 1934年型フォード


This photograph was taken by the photographer, K?ji Morooka, near Hibiya intersection in 1936 (Sh?wa 11) . The car seen in the photograph is a Ford model produced in 1934 (Sh?wa 9). From the sign inside the car which says "vacant", we can see that the car was used as a taxi. Taxis in Tokyo at the time were called "entaku" (one-yen taxi) because the fare system was one yen regardless of the passenger's destination in the Tokyo area. In reality, the fare was determined by negotiation between the passenger and the driver, so the actual fare was much cheaper. According to Tokyo City's "Survey Result of the Taxi Business" in May 1935 (Sh?wa 10), a driver's earnings per passenger was 0.265 yen.
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1934 Ford
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Still Picture
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1936 20世紀 
30.5 cm x 25.5 cm
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