Untitled 無題

JUDD, Donald ドナルド・ジャッド

The unpretentious simple square form, the clean edges, and the cool bluish luster,Ten steel boxes, aloof and expressionless like industrial products, are attached to the wall, vertically aligned and with equal space in between. They do not represent some existing object, nor are they a symbol of something. They just exist as they are, within the actual space where we ourselves dwell.rnA painting is in essence nothing more than a flat surface, but when colors are added and lines are drawn to form shapes on it, it takes on a depth and an illusion of three-dimensionality. Judd started his career as a painter, but having studied philosophy and working as an art critic, he tried to overcome this formula for painting and arrived at three-dimensional works that were neither painting nor sculpture. The unit he employed had a form that was reduced to the simplest and made of industrial materials. Repeating this unit, he created a solid totality and order with a beauty that was taut, stern, and exact. Like this example, they make typical works of Minimal Art.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Artist Name
JUDD, Donald
Material / Technique
Cold-rolled steel
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