Boating on the Sumida River 隅田川船遊び

Chobunsai Eishi 鳥文斎栄之/画

This landscape-format print, consisting of five continuous sheets, depicts people enjoying boating on a yakata-bune, a roofed party boat. The pillar-like structure on the far right and what appears to be a bucket in the second sheet from the right are both parts of bridge piers. They are probably part of Ryogoku Bridge, in the core area for recreational boating. The women seated at the center, holding a pipe in one hand, is hosting this event. In front of her are young women playing musical instruments; behind her, others are preparing to dance. The prow of the boat is decorated with a large floral arrangement. The handsome women in beautiful kimono on the boat, filling the picture plane, make this print gorgeous and compelling.
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Edo-Tokyo Museum
Boating on the Sumida River
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Chobunsai Eishi
Creation Date
1781~1830 18~19世紀 
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