Camera 写真機

Collection of
Edo-Tokyo Museum
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Lifestyle and Folk Custom
Creation Date
1872 19世紀 
35cm x 26cm x 29.5cm
Edo-Tokyo Museum Digital Archives

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Two Men Drinking Tea

TANAKA Taisuke

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:京都御所 御常殿庭前拝所

Kyoto Imperial Palace Place of Worship Outside the Onjoden Hall Garden

Yokoyama Matsusaburo

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:江戸の花名勝会 ち 十番組

The Flowers of Edo with Pictures of Famous Sights : Fire Brigade Chi-10

Katsushika Isai, Utagawa Hiroshige Ⅱ, Utagawa Toyokuni Ⅲ

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:東京開華名所図絵之内 深川洲崎汐干狩

Famous Views of Modern Tokyo: Gathering Shellfish at Low Tide at Fukagawa Susaki

UTAGAWA Hiroshige Ⅲ

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Cotton Tobacco Pouch with Sagara Embroidery, with Pipe Case

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:死絵 八代目市川団十郎

Memorial Portrait of the Actor Ichikawa Danjuro Ⅷ

Edo-Tokyo Museum


New Edition Foreign Cooking

Yugensai Nanka

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:粉本 宝船

Treasure Ship (Shibata Zeshin's Sketch)

[Shibata Zeshin]

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:サンデー毎日 新作大衆文芸号

Sunday Mainichi: Featuring New Popular Literature

Komura Settai

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Famous Places in Edo Divided Sugoroku Board

Utagawa Kunisada I , Utagawa Hiroshige Ⅱ

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:諸大名船絵図 石州津和野 亀井隠岐守

Ships Owned by Daimyo : Lord of Kamei Okinokami, Daimyo of Tsuwano, Iwami Province


Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:不知火諾右エ門 横綱土俵入の図

Yokozuna, a Sumo Wrestler of the Highest Rank, Shiranui Dakuemon Entering the Ring

Utagawa Kunisada I

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Correspondence to Hirota Ritaro Accompanying Samples Curtains and Carpets (Object from Hirota Ritaro Residence, Book 1)

Georg de Lalande

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:東京名所三十六戯撰 向しま蓮花寺

Thirty-six Amusing Views of Famous Places in Tokyo: Renge Temple, Mukojima

Shosai Ikkei

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:ポスター 震災地人口調査

Poster: Census of the Earthquake-stricken Areas (Great Kanto Earthquake Materials Collection)

Tokyoshi Office

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:東京十二景  巣鴨之菊

Twelve Views of Tokyo: Chrysanthemums at Sugamo

TOYOHARA Chikayoshi

Edo-Tokyo Museum