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NOGUCHI Rika 野口 里佳

NOGUCHI Rika (b. 1971) searches for compelling subjects and places to find “a new way of looking at the earth,” “landscapes seen by people who have just arrived from outer space,” and “lunar surfaces.” In the series To Dive and Fujiyama, she documents people who journey under the sea or climb high mountains, imaginatively transforming these everyday scenes into visions from another dimension. In this work, Marabu, she focuses on a variety of stork. Inspired by the creature’s enigmatic nature as a largely flightless bird, NOGUCHI shot the marabu with a pinhole camera. In addition to conveying a passage of time that differs from human scale, the series embodies the slow and inconvenient process of collecting light with a tiny hole and dark box, creating a contrast between analogue and digital photography and technical advances in an age that constantly calls for greater speed, convenience, and change.
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