大願成就有ケ瀧縞 金太郎と鯉つかみ

Daigan Jouju Arigataki Jima, Kintaro Catching a Koi Fish 大願成就有ケ瀧縞 金太郎と鯉つかみ

歌川国芳/画 伊場屋仙三郎/版 彫工房次郎/彫

A girl holding a koto turns back. As if showing off to the girl, Kintaro is depicted catching a koi fish in the koma-e (small inserted illustration) on the left. The takishima design on the girl's kimono sleeves suggests a waterfall; the tie-dye on her obi suggests water splashes; and the iris patterned leather design on her koto bag suggests the scales of a koi fish. Kintaro and a koi fish are motifs that symbolize success in life. Perhaps, the girl's wish is to pursue her own successful life by improving her koto skills. ""Daigan Jouju Arigataki Jima"" is a series of ten nishiki-e prints. The series portrays beauties wearing takishima designed clothing and koma-e related to anecdotes regarding waterfalls.
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Daigan Jouju Arigataki Jima, Kintaro Catching a Koi Fish
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Block prints
36.9 cm x 24.2 cm
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