Bikuon - 1 微空音-1

YONEBAYASHI Yuichi 米林 雄一

This fan-shaped work is made of boards joined together with lead. At close distance the wood grain is clearly recognizable, but from farther apart, the surface looks like unpolished metal with its dull luster produced by the graphite coating. This series of works have been given titles composed by joining together "Kanji" characters signifying "subtle," "light," "air," "sound," "field," "scent," etc., and the artist explains that the "Kanji" have been chosen for their nice sound. Yet, in these works, he has attempted to create a doorsill in space which allows entrance to only certain kinds of sound, light, air, or scent. He calls it a "threshold" Wherever this "threshold" is placed, be it outdoors, indoors, a large room, or a small room, it becomes a partition and creates a new space, In this work, the subtle surface texture and the expression of the carvings seem to make the air and light flowing around it to pulsate faintly, and this gives it a mysterious and fascinating quality.rn
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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Bikuon - 1
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Spruce, lead, graphite
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