周波数 37306505

Frequency 37306505 周波数 37306505

TADA Minami 多田 美波

Six hemispheres protrude from the wall in two rows. The surface reflects the view around them, and when we walk up to them, we find ourselves, six of them, looking back. The work, in its whole, is an aluminum mirror. Unlike the usual glass mirror, its surface is irregular, and this gives the reflected image an unexpected distortion. Inside the mirror, the world around us grows elongated and then shrunken, and our face too changes shape, getting thin and then wide. Many of Minami Tada's works are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and glass, and the material allows them to reflect the things around them, either the blue of the sky, the green of the trees, or whatever else, Three-dimensional works employing this type of material have been favored as suitable addition to spaces created by contemporary architecture, and we now see many of them around, for instance in the wellhole inside a high-rise building or near a fountain in a public square. This work is one of the early pieces by Tada who has done, beside sculpture, lighting design and wall decoration for buildings, and we can regard it as the starting point for her subsequent career. It asserts its own presence by reflecting light and mirroring its surroundings, and is a pioneering work in introducing nonmaterial elements of light and reflection into sculpture.rnrn
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Frequency 37306505
Artist Name
TADA Minami
Material / Technique
Acrylic resin, vaporific coating, aluminum, steel
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