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作品画像:東京真画名所図解 柳橋夜雨

True Pictures of Famous Places in Tokyo: Night View of Yanagibashi Bridge in the Rain

INOUE Yasuji

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Man Beside Belfry

TANAKA Taisuke

Edo-Tokyo Museum


View of Fields

TANAKA Taisuke

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Please note we decline the visit for the Lower House election. (Appendix of “Sukoburu” 5th Issue) (Poster for Related Stores and Companies in Tokyo)

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Stripe Pattern Shioze-ori (Habutae Silk) Textile Pipe Case and Pipe

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:大山詣役者揃 扇吉 中村宗十郎

A Collection of Actors on a Pilgrimage to Mount Oyama : The Actor Nakamura Sojuro as Senkichi

Utagawa Chikashige

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Comb and Matching Kogai Hair Ornament in Black Lacquer with Rice Panicle Design in Makie

OHARA Syunsui

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:東都名所年中行事 十月 雑司がや会式参り

Famous Views of Annual Events in the Eastern Capital: Tenth Month, Memorial Service in Zoshigaya

UTAGAWA Hiroshige

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Grand Sumo Tournament Took Place at Ekoin in Ryogoku, during the New Year Period of the 4th Year of Ansei Era : Match of the 2nd Day of the Tournament - Sumo Wrestlers About to Start Fighting

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:こども遊 やり羽子

Children at Play : Japanese Traditional Badminton

Miyagawa Shuntei

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:旅みやげ第一集 金沢浅野川

Souvenirs of My Travels, 1st Series : The Asano River, Kanazawa

Kawase Hasui

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Dusk at Hashiba

Kobayashi Kiyochika

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:寛永寺二之御霊屋 仕切門

Kaneiji Temple 2nd Otamaya Mausoleum : Shikirimon Gate

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:東京日々新聞 101号

Tokyo Nichinichi Shimbun Newspaper

OCHIAI Yoshiiku

Edo-Tokyo Museum


Great Kanto Earthquake Illustration: Agonizing Cries and the Whirlwind of the Raging Flames at the Clothing Factory

Maruyama Banka

Edo-Tokyo Museum

作品画像:江戸名所百人美女 十軒店

One Hundred Beautiful Women at Famous Places in Edo : Jikkendana

Utagawa Kunisada I, Utagawa Kunihisa

Edo-Tokyo Museum