ホワイトオス(カー) 森

White Os (Car) - Forest ホワイトオス(カー) 森

OIWA, Oscar 大岩 オスカール

Oscar OIWA is second-generation Japanese-Brazilian artist who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1965, and after living in Japan for a period (1991-2002), now bases himself in New York. He produces large oil paintings, using skillful brushwork and adroitly referencing the things around him-social phenomena, history, movies, manga, etc., in his compositions. His works include personal narratives and while possessing a great sense of scale, they reflect the state of contemporary society as it moves towards globalization, becoming increasingly highly regarded in recent years as he participates in numerous international exhibitions. OIWA lived in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo, which is adjacent to the museum, and this fact contributed to there being a large number of his works from this period in the museum’s collection. ‘White (Os)Car-Forest’ was painted using subjects from the vicinity of his house. As the title suggests, the white car traveling down the alley represents an alter ego of the artist himself. Standing in front of the work, the slightly distorted single-point perspective resonates with the soft brushstrokes to make it feel as if the viewer could enter into the picture. The time contained within the picture appears to differ from front to rear, leafy branches spread across the sky as if to enfold the town, yet at the same time the town appears to stand underwater… This work, in which various different times overlap, presents an attractive depiction of the town in which he lived, the way light seems to emanate from within the leaves and sky transforming a commonplace alley into a special place. Having studied architecture in university, OIWA expresses an interest in cities, the environment, buildings and compositions, combined with soft, rapid brushstrokes, the texture of the oil paints and personal narratives… Demonstrating all of his distinctive characteristics, this painting can be said to epitomize the work from his Tokyo period.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
White Os (Car) - Forest
Artist Name
OIWA, Oscar
Material / Technique
Oil on canvas
227(Height)×444(Width) cm
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