Photo: Norihiro Ueno

Reflection リフレクション

SUH, Do Ho スゥ・ドホ

This piece of work models the gate of Suh's house which his father who is a painter recreated based on his research on Korean traditional buildings. Nylon gate is decorated with detailed embroidery by an embroiderer based on Suh's instructions. It can be said that this work models traditional Korean architecture reflecting Suh's identity. The gate of the house where he is expected to be rises dimly as if it were a reflection on the surface of the water to create a beautiful space filled with a light blue black ground color. The audience can look at this piece not only on the ground but also walking up the stairway as you go up to the third floor to enjoy the difference of dimension according to the changes of view points and/or the light. This piece was first exhibited in his personal exhibition at the Maison Hermes in Ginza, Tokyo, in 2004. To be displayed at the Modern Museum, its horizontal parts were innovated to fit into the atrium of the permanent collection room.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Artist Name
SUH, Do Ho
Material / Technique
Nylon, stainless steel tube
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