拘束のドローイング 9:ミラー・ポジション

Drawing Restraint 9: Mirror Position 拘束のドローイング 9:ミラー・ポジション

BARNEY, Matthew マシュー・バーニー

This set of three photographs is a work in a series of a movie entitled "Drawing Restraint 9" and related sculptures, photographs, and drawings inspired by Japanese culture such as whale hunting and the tea ceremony. Barney (left) and Bjork (right) play male and female guests coming from different areas to the whale fishing boats. Tools displayed in the tea ceremony room situated in the center were carved by him. They are decorated with scenes of sea images such as sea shells and sea urchins. Fur wedding clothes were also designed by Barney to express changes from human beings to wild life on earth. When they have tea in the tea room in strange vessels, they fall in love and put their fur wedding clothes on and change into whales. The story of mutation which reverses the evolution figuratively expresses the release from physical imprisonment back to primitive life.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Drawing Restraint 9: Mirror Position
Artist Name
BARNEY, Matthew
Material / Technique
Chromogenic print
83.8(Height)×105.4(Width)×3.8(Depth) cm
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