Sayon サヨン(莎詠)

NARA Yoshitomo 奈良 美智

A girl in this picture titled “Sayon” stares at audiences with her up-angled big and strong eyes as if she tries to complain something and stops. Depending on audience’s feelings her expression sometimes looks sad but she also looks like exploding her anger. The girls expressing wistful emotional swing in his works remind audience feelings of their childhood which have been forgotten for years. The girls are said the reflection of NARA his own but, at the same time, it is said that they reflect lonely grown-ups in the modern society. It can be said at the base of cartoon like expressions, there are folding of complicated emotions just like carefully painted colors over and over. NARA’s works represent a wave of modern Japanese art movements called “Neo Pop” and established international reputations through submitting many well-known exhibitions in and outside Japan.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Artist Name
NARA Yoshitomo
Material / Technique
Acrylic on canvas
146(Height)×112.5(Width) cm
Acquisition date
Accession number

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