たまゆら(戦争画 RETURNS)

Tamayura - Moment (War Picture Returns) たまゆら(戦争画 RETURNS)

AIDA Makoto 会田 誠

Tamayura-Moment (War Picture Returns) is the last piece of the War Picture Returns consisted of 10 pieces of works on the Pacific War created from 1995 to 1999. The folding screen describes explosion, which invokes army and navy. Each of 10 pieces of the War Picture Returns was painted on a set of old fusuma or Japanese doors connected into a set of folding screen. According to AIDA, he used cheapie materials and completed the work roughly instead of pursuing artistic completion because he wanted to emphasize “pseudo-assertion” of each piece. Through the work, artist tries to answer how a generation, who did not directly experience the war but indirectly know it through their parents, can make such recent historical event having taken place in their own country. Through the series of works, he honestly expressed pure and meaningless images of “the Pacific War,” “War Pictures” and “War in general” in his mind.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Tamayura - Moment (War Picture Returns)
Artist Name
AIDA Makoto
Material / Technique
Acrylic, oil on canvas, sliding screens, hinges
169(Height)×169(Width) cm
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