カタツムリのように B

Like A Snail B カタツムリのように B

DEACON, Richard リチャード・ディーコン

Deacon has consistently created skeleton structures with lifelike forms, made up of curry 1ines only and having no inside or outside. This particular work, originally created in plywood and aluminum for the Sculpture Project in Munster, is a remake in metal. At the city square of Munster, there is a statue of a farmer carrying on his back a basket, filled with potatoes inside and dead pigeons and rabbits hanging on the outside. The work takes its shape from this basket. As a snail carries its shell on its back, a man carries a heavy basket throughout his life, which contains both life and death. The work’s shape is like a house, and also is like a vessel. The viewer can freely enter it through the opening and experience the unrestrained and liberating space inside. Above himself, he will see a shiny silver ring, symbolizing the transcendent and spiritual elements as opposed to the burdens that bind human beings down to the ground. Deacon’s supple forms, in spite of their elegant appearance, embody surprisingly deep philosophical themes.
Collection of
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Like A Snail B
Artist Name
DEACON, Richard
Material / Technique
Painted steel, aluminum
488(Height)×516(Width)×473(Depth) cm
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