Untitled -石の花-

Untitled, A Flower of Stone Untitled -石の花-

KASAHARA Emiko 笠原 恵実子

The marble flowers, placed at the height of the eye and protected with glass cases, look like precious jewels and accessories on display at a jewellery shop. The stone flowers on clean, white tiles are decorous, and can be considered to represent women as such things have long done in history. But why are these flowers kept in glass cases? Because they are precious? In her recent work titled Untitled- (in) different (1994), Kasahara presents precise reproductions of fetal genitals, done beautifully in marble, as they differentiate into female and male organs in stages. Consisting of four pieces each of female and male organs in sequential stages of development, this work shows that the artist has made careful observation and has a deep understanding in this subject. Perhaps suiting her approach of creating art that reflects her own gender, her works look elegant and beautiful; but they are products of her perceptive mind and acute sensitivity.
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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Untitled, A Flower of Stone
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Material / Technique
Tile, marble, glass, aluminum, cement
155(Height)×63(Width)×63.3(Depth) cm
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