Relation of C Cの関係

YAMAGUCHI Katsuhiro 山口 勝弘

Presented here are a red C and a transparent C. Both are made of acrylic plates, but the red C has fluorescent tubes inside which make it glow brightly. The transparent C has nothing inside, but its surface is covered with thin lines, contributing to its dignified impression. The hot C and the cool C. They share one common feature, which is the electric lamp attached toward the bottom. The lamps are blinking on and off as if they are talking to each other. The two C’s are contrasting, but they make a complementary pair and cannot be evaluated in each separate piece. The fact that the figure of C is open as opposed to the closed O further makes the tie between the two pieces stronger. The two C’s, being both open, have the possibility of joining together even when they are separate, and across the intervening space, they are communicating with the blinking of the lamps. This is the first work of light art in Japan, and is a pioneering piece in its being a sculpture that gives a performance in light.
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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Relation of C
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Material / Technique
Plexiglass, iron, fluorescent light
×137.5(Width)×34.5(Depth) cm
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